Adeptus On-Air with featured guest Lauren Connolly

May 23, 2024

Wild Developments Studio with Lauren Connolly | A Passion for Wildlife and Aerial Artistry

By Adeptus Staff

Today on Adeptus On-Air, host Mike Hoffman chats with Lauren Connolly, a passionate wildlife visual artist who offers stunning perspectives on nature. She has over a decade of hands-on experience working with animals at an aquarium, including swimming with sharks as a diver. During the pandemic, Lauren and her husband pivoted by becoming drone operators, launching JL Aerial Views to provide breathtaking aerial photography and videography. This transition allowed Lauren to explore her artistic vision further through Wild Developments Studio, where she showcases her awe-inspiring wildlife photography, fieldwork, and artwork inspired by the great outdoors. Tune in for an engaging conversation as Lauren discusses her mission to share the importance of native species and inspire a desire to explore nature and hear firsthand accounts of her adventures, from braving the waters with sharks to the harrowing experience of getting struck by lightning.

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