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Consulting Services
Entertainment & Sports

The life of professional entertainers and athletes is so cyclical, potentially causing many accounting, tax, income, and retirement planning issues unique to their world. These issues include the impact and liabilities of royalties, advances, tour expenses, promoter costs, syndication, licensing, front-end/back-end/cancellation clauses, rating-based revenues, bonuses, and more.


We have tailored accounting services specific to our performing clients – actors, models, musicians, and athletes. We know your business and how to serve you, no matter what you may be dealing with, whether it be audits of royalty, endorsement, and merchandising agreements, handling IRS audits, tour management, or addressing lingering issues from past years’ taxes.

Consulting Services
Mergers & Acquisitions

Should you walk away from a prospective merger or acquisition? It is an industry-accepted fact that 83% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to produce any benefit for the shareholders, and over 50% of all mergers and acquisitions actually destroy value.


Understand the issues that can disguise facts or derail your plans for success before you commit to a merger or acquisition. Go in with a plan and an experienced professional team to:





the drivers that determine the actual profitability of the new model.


out unnecessary noise from shareholders and others who may not be able to contribute to the process.


cultural issues that are not being addressed successfully.


Consulting Services

There are many systems for valuing a business. Which is best depends entirely on the type of business getting valued and the purpose of performing a valuation. We find the key to success is knowing how not to value a business. Our method considers all approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Market Comparison
  • Replacement Value
  • Future Net Operating Income
  • Historical Net Operating Income
  • Going-Concern Value
  • Enterprise Value, Liquidation Approach
  • Formula Approach
  • Capitalization of Dividends
  • Debt-Free
  • Reconstructed Capital Structure
  • Capitalization of Future Cash Flow
  • Capitalization of Historical Cash Flow
  • Adjusted Book Value
  • Tax Value

Consulting Services
Employee & Executive Recruiting

Did you know we don’t just do accounting work? We also provide Employee and Executive Recruiting Services to our clients. We are your partner and advisors through and through. Finding top-notch employees can be a daunting task, and since we are specialists in our industry, many of our clients request our services in recruiting their accounting staff.


We know our clients and can screen potential candidates capable of assuming any accounting position. Our approach is to make this a smooth recruiting process for you and to hire and retain the best of the best. Our clients work hard and want to focus on their business. Let us take care of finding the right people to help you run a successful business. Here’s our approach:



Draft and place advertisements


Identify and screen qualified candidates


Coordinate the interview with your company for the final selection


Consulting Services
Business & Personal Mortgage Issues

In a tight lending environment, it is more critical than ever that all supporting financial documents to proposed lenders reveal the strength of the project and the correct and proper financial position of the entity seeking the mortgage. One reason a mortgage may decline is that tax returns do not express the ratios some lenders require even though the project received adequate capitalization. Many commercial properties are also too unique for traditional banks, although the project would qualify on its fundamentals. Know what strategies make sense for your deal before you approach your credit sources.

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