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With experienced professionals that span every industry and challenge, there is always an expert at Adeptus that brings our unique perspective to every client relationship.

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We’ve designed our industry-focused network to anticipate and address your business needs. Our professionals have built lasting relationships with our clients and deliver value in all that we do – across our audit and assurance, tax, business management and consulting services. Our industry based experts are ready to help you address your complex business challenges, including managing your people, regulations, supply chains, accounting standards, competitors, brand protection – and much more.

Learn more about the industries we serve below.

We know how difficult it is to deal with the everyday employee fire-drills, kitchen nightmares, and vendor issues. You have no time to worry about complex accounting issues. Let us help you wade through that minefield. We are experts in accommodations and food services accounting and will simplify your accounting process to allow you to review timely reports. We are available to talk when you need advice about sales goals, tip reporting, overhead cost containment, and inventory issues. We are experts in tax regulations, including bonus depreciation for “Qualified Restaurant Improvements,” FICA Tip Credit, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, and IRS gift card reporting requirements. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or have an ongoing operation, call us for expert guidance

Do you want an accountant who delivers just the mechanics – who simply determines which taxes to pay to whom and advises you only on how to minimize your taxation wherever possible? Or do you want an accountant who knows the apparel and textile field inside out and not only does the mechanics but helps you develop effective metrics and tools with which to make better decisions about sales, payroll, production, capital investments and other aspects of running your company. Are you dealing with China and need to keep LC documentation? Are you considering a merger or sale of your firm? Our industry-specific background and contacts are pure gold.

Receive an expert analysis of the complex and numerous accounting rules unique to banks, hedge funds and financial institutions. Analyze your organization’s financial position and operations and consider alternative presentations. Discuss accounting principles applicable to your bank within the framework of your operations and internal accounting controls. Successfully navigate the complexities of ASC 15 (formerly FAS 133) or IAS 39 for hedge funds and align your economic structures with the most favorable accounting treatments. Hedge funds, for example, can eliminate earnings volatility by matching the timing of earnings with the hedged asset or liability.

The Adeptus financial services group specializes in serving the needs of broker dealers. The broker-dealer industry has become increasingly complex as new rules and regulations have been issued to guard against illegal activities and regulate all brokers. Unfortunately, this affects all broker dealers, large and small. As a result, broker dealers have special needs which require the right caliber of support. Legislation now requires non public broker-dealers to use an audit firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to conduct their audit. Adeptus is registered with the PCAOB. Adeptus has broker-dealer specialists who dedicate considerable resources to keep clients up-to-date on SEC and FINRA rules and regulations. We provide timely and valuable information which enables you to make informed decisions that put you in a position of strength.

Few business people want to be in the office doing the day to day bookwork. We’ll manage your books while you focus on the core of your business so that it remains stable and continues to grow. Whether your business is making music or architecture, we provide a range of business administrative services starting from paying your monthly accounts, attending to your payroll needs, and insurance and benefits administration. Call us and our administrative expertise will make sure that as a business owner you save time and money while we maintain and keep your business records.

As part of the Adeptus Emerging Markets Practice, the Cannabis and Psychedelics industries have been some of the most intriguing, dynamic, and fastest-growing industries in the world. We’ve spent years advising clients on life sciences, healthcare, technology, and other adjacent practices. We apply that same expertise and rigor as we have to traditional industries as we do to supporting cannabis and psychedelics businesses and their executives. Mental Health has been at the center of many social conversations and is at the core of many needs within our communities. We draw on our expertise in supporting cultural brands as well as clinical and broad-based healthcare to support companies in these fast-evolving, yet nascent spaces.

General contractors provide their expertise and experience in procuring the workforce and materials related to the completion of their contract. In conjunction with the subcontractors and other specialty trade contractors, projects are managed with competitive margins, often with tight deadlines. We can help with these challenges and the related requirements, such as certifying payrolls, preparing reports required by governmental agencies, and adhering to the financial reporting needs required by lending institutions. Cash flow is extremely important, as tight margins necessitate the monitoring of contractor overhead when compared to projected financial results. We approach each contractor and their related industry with a comprehensive solution that meets their needs. Whether providing specialized financial reporting, consulting or tax services to meet the needs faced by these contractors, we can navigate you through the process.

Elder taxation for those over 55-years-of-age involves more issues than simple minimization, avoidance, or delay. Tax strategies must consider eventual payout of certain asset instruments and the tax impact, opportunities of off-set tax liabilities through gifts to nonprofits or younger generation family members, and other heirs. What are the long-term and short-term tax strategies for income tax, trust tax and estate tax? I have made elder taxation my specialty and I would like to speak to you about organizing your tax obligations in a way that serves your needs best.

Adeptus has a strong team of professionals that has been serving the not-for-profit and educational services communities for over 30 years. We provide audit, review, accounting, tax and consulting services to our clients in this industry. Our client base includes colleges, high schools, education foundations and day care schools. We have a wide range of not-for-profit clients including poet societies, art foundations, healthcare, churches and a variety of others. Some of our professionals sit on boards of not-for-profit entities and can provide great insight into the inner workings of the industry and understand your needs. Our professionals regularly attend industry update seminars to assure they are up-to-date on all new laws and regulations to assist you with your ongoing needs.

Because the business life of professional entertainers and athletes is so cyclical, they face many accounting, tax, income and retirement planning issues unique to their world, including the impact and liabilities of royalties, advances, tour expenses, promoter costs, syndication, licensing, front-end/back-end/cancellation clauses, rating-based revenues, bonuses, and more. We have tailored accounting services specific to our performing clients – actors, models, musicians, and athletes. We know your business and how to serve you, whether it be audits of royalty, endorsement and merchandising agreements to handling IRS audits, tour management, or addressing lingering issues from past years’ taxes.

Whether you are establishing your Family Office or would like a review of your existing structure, you can count on us to deliver the in-depth experience and breadth of skills you need across multiple industries and geographies to address your complex accounting and tax structures. We can conduct operational reviews, internal control assessments, provide specialized accounting services relative to family limited partnerships, aircraft ownership and leasing, foundations and charitable entities, hedge funds, construction projects and closely-held businesses.

Adeptus provides the fashion industry with the personalized service that you deserve. If you are tired of last-minute tax filings and absentee accountants, you will love the TLC provided. We know the ins and outs of the fashion business and will assist you in evaluating financial and cash flow projections, gross profit by product lines, chargeback analysis, manufacturing, financial information systems recommendations, and overhead and production cost reviews. More importantly, we will advise you like a friend and always be transparent without being overly optimistic in sales projections or overly conservative in expense projections.

With the continuous changes to the healthcare law, and the voluminous compliance requirements, much confusion exists as to what companies need to do. The ever-changing landscape of Medicare and Medicaid give rise to many questions. We are able to help you work through all of your questions, and make sure that your company is doing everything correctly and to the biggest benefit possible. And as more changes are introduced, let us be your partner to ensure that your company is not falling behind, and subjecting themselves to any penalties. We also have professionals who are able to examine your insurance policies and compare them with the market, to make sure you are getting the policy you want at the premiums you want. In addition, we work with many medical practices, nursing homes, and insurance companies, assisting them with their tax and accounting needs.

With significant wealth for high net worth individuals and businesses comes complex tax issues, including but not limited to income, gift, and estate tax considerations. Our multidisciplinary accounting and audit practices deliver the counsel, skill and experience to help you preserve accumulated assets, whether they involve real estate, S-corporation, partnership issues, charitable contribution calculations, closely-held business issues, private foundation minimum payouts, promissory note payment, amortization schedules and assistance in tracking the cost basis of investments, or pension and compensation matters. Never fill out another form. Never again be involved in the process of filing returns. But never be in the dark.

Many industries come with its own set of rules, regulations, and tax incentives. Being able to look past the numbers, and truly understand a business is imperative to its ultimate success. We work with many telecommunication companies, and are able to help them navigate thru their complex regulations. On the film side, we have experts who understand how film credits work, both at the federal and state levels. Our relationships with state representatives help us ensure that we are maximizing and potential tax benefits. While a companies decisions should not be exclusively tax driven, taxes have the potential to be a very material cost of doing business. Let us help you keep this cost, as well as many others, as low as possible.

With the recent significant growth in the influencer marketing industry, many digital influencers, including gamers, social media personalities, and streamers, find themselves in need of support and guidance to keep their finances in order, especially as their income and revenue channels increase. We have worked with influencers across major platforms (eg, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch) and can offer a full range of services that can be catered to each influencer’s needs. From base-level accounting to business management services, we ensure that your tax risk is minimized and you can feel confident that you are making the best financial decisions.

Our expert forensic accounting and litigation support practice furnishes insurance firms with the intelligence they need to legally mount successful economic loss claims, fraud investigations, banker/lender collateral investigations, asset tracing and recovery, kickback schemes, security fraud, and misappropriation of funds. We frequently serve as expert witnesses, giving testimony before the Federal District Court, State Courts, Tax Courts, Bankruptcy Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

In litigation, access to the right information is critical. Our results-driven forensic accounting experts can connect the dots, assemble information and follow even lukewarm asset trails for your legal team efficiently and cost-effectively. At Adeptus, our clients include the largest, most powerful law firms in the U.S. who have millions of dollars on the line. When you need your evidence to be bulletproof, when you require an expert who can translate the most arcane technical accounting jargon into understandable prose suitable for jury consumption, you want our professional investigators on your team. We’ve got the manpower and talent to cover a lot of ground quickly. Please feel free to discuss your law firm matters with us in confidence.

Retailers at the high-end are giving investors hope that they are immune to the economic woes that beset the consumer goods sector. However, recovery has been spotty, even among the high-end names. Industry stresses have driven more mergers and outright business transfers among retailers generally, with the luxury goods strata paying more attention to tightening receivables, renegotiating terms, considering new vendor relationships, and shortening product lines. Accounting strategies developed by professionals who understand your industry are key to ensure your business takes the best path among tax and accounting strategies available.

Our experts can assist you by consolidating the performance of these activities to achieve economic sense. The emphasis as a business owner should be on the control of information in aiding decision-making. Without adequate data, these decisions are often hard to come by. More structured use of management accounting techniques can add value to your business in terms of profitability, cash flow and credit availability.

In our years of practice, we have found that there is a significant amount of improvement through awareness in management accounting tools. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that businesses face with financial obligations, which is why your accountant has a crucial role to play in improving the decision-making process.

While your structure may be appropriate for the time being, as your organization grows in size and complexity, having the right accountants and advisors assist with the financial activities of the business is key to staying abreast of your continued success.

Manufacturing challenges in a global economy have made the financial issues and strategies of tax, accounting, and audit the most critical of considerations. Issues of overhead and non-manufacturing costs, the cost of money, credit instruments, and supply chain issues drive every business decision. Enterprise development and growth comes from the collaboration of entrepreneurs and their specialist financial advisors – us. Accessing our extensive experience in manufacturing, can give you the advantage when making your next move.

Reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations are many, ever changing, and increasingly complex. That’s why you need an expert to help your nonprofit navigate the ocean of regulation and compliance efficiently and cost-effectively. As a nonprofit specialist, you can count on me to keep you apprised of reporting requirements for grant recipients, ensure your organization is compliant with the rules regarding revenues derived through public support, exempt-purpose activities or other revenue streams. The manner in which your organization’s funds and expenses are handled is very regulated, whether they are program services, fundraising, operations, joint cost allocation, or excess benefits transactions.

Private colleges and universities are required to present a statement of financial position (i.e., balance sheet), a statement of activities, and a statement of cash flows. However, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) allows considerable discretion in presenting these statements. What are the latest decisions on how regulatory authorities are treating gifts to private schools? I have extensive experience with private education financial reporting and compliance and will guide you in your communications with donors, parents, and filings with regulators. The FASB requires that private colleges and universities identify donor/contributor restrictions on net assets as temporarily restricted or permanently restricted. What systems are best to make the collection and retrieval of these records practical and cost-effective?

As your business grows, the interests of other parties also must be considered in the creation of your financial records and reports – the banks, your partners, and, of course, the government. We know business – what makes it flourish and what strangles it. As specialists serving privately held enterprises, my team has a thorough understanding of the accounting rules and tax laws that impact your organization whether it be enterprise zone rules, bench marking, cash flow management, green technology opportunities, or increasing shareholder value just to name a few.

As a professional service firm ourselves, we understand what is necessary to make your business successful. Besides attest and tax functions, we can assist you with so many more aspects of your business including budgeting, retirement plans, profitability analysis, and business valuations, just to name a few. And no entity is too big or too small. We work with a wide array of professional entities, ranging from law firms, to architects, to general business consultants. Let us help you get your business to the next level.

When a corporation purchases real estate property it is crucial to optimize the tax benefits of ownership as well as ensure the correct valuation which will have a tax impact going forward relative to taxation, transfers, and financing. In handling your real estate rental and leasing transactions, we address every facet of the tax and financial issues thoroughly whether it be passive loss rules, depreciation and accelerated cost recovery, state documentary tax and recording cost issues, or at-risk and basis issues. My team represents your interests with mortgage lenders, appraisers, and zoning authorities if necessary. Whether your firm is very involved in real estate development or your company is purchasing just a single property for its own use or rental, I will work with your team to bring about the right outcome.

With the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), many renewable energy firms jumped on the opportunity to apply this boost to their bottom line – so long as they were able to meet the job-creation requirements and other criteria. Now the cash grant for alternative energy projects have expired you may wonder if alternative energy is a good alternative for you.

Alternative energy feasibility is largely driven by the states, and many states have alternative energy mandates already in place (California must get 33% of its energy supply from renewable sources by 2020 and Nevada utilities are required to get 20% by 2015 and 25% by 2025.)

With over 15 years experience in the transportation and warehousing industry, Adeptus has the technical skills and financial expertise to help you with your business needs. In addition to traditional auditing, review and tax services, our transportation and warehousing industry specialists can provide you with consulting services in the following areas:

  • Internal control reviews
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Profitability analysis
  • Valuations
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Transportation and warehousing tax issues

Our professionals have experience with audits of global distribution. This includes all phases of operations, from trucking to ports, storage at warehouses, to loading and shipping products to ports all over the world

Are you unclear about how your business decisions affect your company’s financial statements and tax returns? Do have a clear understanding of the many special accounting issues facing the transportation industry today, including prepaid tires, economic performance, loss and damage claims, deposit premiums, revenue recognition and depreciation, BTS reporting requirements, and other regulatory issues? Are you comfortable interpreting multi-state filing requirements?

We love this industry and know it inside out. We also want to see that you get all the breaks and data you need to ensure your business survives and thrives. Email our team to ask us about your transportation needs.

As part of the Adeptus Emerging Markets Practice, Web3 and blockchain present unique challenges for companies as they relate to their accounting and finances. Web3 provides an evolution of decentralized, blockchain-based applications that improve the overall security and transparency of trade and commerce and blockchain is a technology that provides a record of transactions between parties that cannot be altered. Understanding the nuances of tax and accounting implications in these rapidly evolving areas is critical to providing the proper tax treatment on transactions and reducing the overall risk to our clients.

Wholesale trade firms are essential to the economy as they can sell any and every type of good. Their customer might buy goods for use in making other products, such as a manufacturer purchasing material and supplies to make a washer or dryer. Customers may also be of the type buying goods they use in the course of daily operations, as when a company buys items like paper clips and office furniture. Wholesalers might only offer a few items for sale, perhaps made by one manufacturer, or they may offer thousands of items produced by hundreds of manufacturers. In all cases, however, a wholesale trade company acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the final customer. We specialize in enhancing wholesaler’s revenues, analyzing gross margins, maximizing cost savings, and customizing inventory control systems. Together with strategic business planning, incorporating business valuations and succession planning, we will play a significant role in improving your competitive position. We will help you operate your business more productively, allowing you to focus on delivering the right products to the right customer at the right price.

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