Adeptus On-Air with guest Nathan Sherratt.

January 18, 2024

The Third Team with Referee Nathan Sherratt | Making a Positive Change in the World of Refereeing

By Adeptus Staff

Today on Adeptus On-Air, host James Walker speaks with Nathan Sherratt, a passionate fútbol referee and the Managing Director of The Third Team, an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the performance and well-being of sports officials. Nathan unfolds his journey from discovering refereeing in high school as a way to stay connected with the sport he loves, to becoming a seasoned UK official for almost a decade. Nathan shares the pivotal moment that led him to establish The Third Team—a response to a violent incident that highlighted the lack of support for referees. Tune in to gain insights from Nathan about the changing landscape of officiating post-2020 and Nathan’s mission, to make a positive change in the world of refereeing.

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