Naimi Lopez



Naimi Lopez

Associate Business Manager, Adeptus Advisors, LLC


  • Business Management


Naimi Lopez is a Business Manager at DL Business Management, A Division of Adeptus Partners. In her role at Adeptus, Naimi showcases proficiency in managing departmental operations, and contributing to the firm's financial practices. With a robust background as an Accounts Payable Manager, Naimi has demonstrated her expertise in various aspects of financial management. Her responsibilities included overseeing bookkeeping and accounting systems, processing invoices and journal entries to minimize discrepancies, and collaborating closely with the finance team to complete month-end accruals and account reconciliations. As a first-generation graduate, Naimi obtained a Bachelor's degree in accounting and is pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration. In her free time, Naimi enjoys a variety of activities. She likes working out, whether it's going to the gym or roller skating at the beach. She also values spending quality time with her family, going out on the boat or relaxing at the beach. Additionally, she enjoys reading as a way to unwind and relax.


Bachelor Of Accounting - Florida International University Associate Of Arts Accounting - Broward College

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