Stephanie DeBisceglia



Stephanie DeBisceglia

Account Manager, Adeptus Advisors, LLC

New York, New York


  • Business Management


Stephanie DeBisceglia is an Account Manager at Donenfeld Management, a division of Adeptus Partners, LLC.  Stephanie began her career with Donenfeld Management. There she realized she wanted to pursue account management in the entertainment industry.    In her role as Account Manager, Stephanie is responsible for reviewing and preparing Central Withholding Agreement (CWA) budgets for foreign performers and athletes touring in the USA as well as filing application requests for reduced state withholdings. She also manages the daily A/P and A/R operations for several clients in the entertainment industry.  Growing up as a dancer, Stephanie always had a huge passion for music and was known for having a very social and adventurous personality. She also has a passion for fitness as she enjoys customizing workout programs and focusing on overall physical and mental health.


SUNY Plattsburgh - double major in Accounting and Business Administration with a minor in Supply Chain Management

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