Yehouda Soffer



Yehouda Soffer

Manager, Adeptus Advisors, LLC

New York City


  • Royalty Audit

Key Industries

  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Gaming


Yehouda Soffer is a Manager in the Business Management Division of Adeptus. Mr. Soffer has spent the past 21 years protecting the rights of intellectual property rights holders. Mr. Soffer began his career performing royalty examinations on behalf of artists, producers, and publishers. He has overseen the creation of a new publishing catalog, reported to owners and writers, and created a sales package for the ultimate sale of the catalog. This experience brought Mr. Soffer in contact with top-earning catalogs as well as the attorneys and managers representing the catalogs. In addition to performing royalty examinations, Yehouda performed catalog valuations and management tasks for artists and songwriters. The last few years have been an expansion of skills and expertise for Yehouda - he expanded his expertise by conducting merchandise licensing examinations, patent licensing examinations, and other contract compliance examinations. Mr. Soffer understands the importance of protecting intellectual property and takes pride in his ability to find and recover underpaid royalties for his clients. He has also been involved with numerous multimillion-dollar music catalog acquisitions and has saved his clients millions of dollars through his financial due diligence efforts. Yehouda knows where the issues lie and is an expert at vetting them. He provides clients with essential information; enabling them to make sound investment decisions. As a seasoned forensic auditor, he has recovered millions of dollars from his royally audits while providing his clients with valuable nonmonetary benefits. Mr. Soffer’s experience spans many industries, including real estate, automotive, cosmetic, and gaming. Education: 

  • BS, Accounting, Binghamton University


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